Connex Safety

Connex is committed to providing passengers with a safe and reliable train service. A service passengers feel secure with, and have peace of mind when travelling on our trains or waiting at our stations.
Since taking over the franchise we are proud to have been the first transport operator in Melbourne to introduce new safety features on trains and at stations.
We also have a close working relationship with the Victorian Police Transit Safety Division and support their programs to make train travel even safer.
Safety at Stations

All stations are equipped with CCTV camera coverage of platforms and station entrances. This footage is monitored by control room staff located at Premium Stations.
All non-staffed stations have communication links to these control rooms via the emergency button. By using this link passengers and staff can communicate directly and staff implement necessary decisions. 
Yellow safety zones are also being trialled and are located on platforms. By standing in the designated intercom system area you will close to the emergency button and will be in full view of the CCTV camera.
While Connex is unable to staff all stations, our Customer Service Employees and Safe Travel  Staff along with Victoria Police Transit Safety Division officers and local police pay regular visits to all stations.
Lighting of stations and car parks has been improved with night turned into daylight at stations.